Giovanni Ziccardi

University of Milan

Giovanni Ziccardi is Professor of Legal Informatics in the Law Faculty of the University of Milan and founder and director of the post-graduate course in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations. He is the founder and editor of the review Ciberspazio e Diritto. His fields of expertise are principally new technology and digital rights, digital activism, computing crime, open source and digital investigations.

He received his law degree from the University of Modena and his Ph.D. in Legal Informatics from the University of Bologna. He is the editor of the Italian issue of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws – Cyber Law, published by Wolters Kluwer Law International, The Netherlands, 2008. His works in English include: Cybercrime and jurisdiction in Italy, a Chapter of the Volume Cybercrime and Jurisdiction. A Global Survey, edited by B.-J. Koops and Susan W. Brenner (2006), The legal framework of electronic document and digital signature in Italy, a chapter of the book Cyberspace Law edited by Makoto Ibusuki and published by Kagoshima University Press, Japan and The legal framework of electronic document and digital signature in Italy, an article published in the Hogaku Semina Review, vol. 3, Japan. Alongside his English works, he has published more than sixty articles and ten books in Italian. His latest books are Hacker - Il richiamo della libertà (2011), L'ultimo hacker (2012) and Internet, controllo e libertà: trasparenza, sorveglianza e segreto nell'era tecnologica (2015).

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